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Kuruluş Osman 17. Bölüm Fragman

March 29, 2020

/ by Youbeeayee
Kurulus Osman is a historical fiction which is revolving around the life of the first sultan of the Ottoman empire “Osman Ghazi”. Osman Ghazi who was the youngest child of Ertugrul Ghazi was so brave from his childhood. He never bows down towards cruelty and injustice. At his time the Seljuk Empire was a vassal state of Mongols and they were so cruel, but Osman never bow towards them just like his father. His father Ertugrul Ghazi was the Frontier Bey of the Seljuk Empire. After the death of his father, Osman Ghazi become the chief bey of Kayi Tribe. In 1299, they separated from the Seljuk Empire and form their independent Beylic. After that they combined different Beylic to form a State.

In Season “Kurulus Osman”, Burak Özçivit is portraying the role of Osman Ghazi. In the previous episode the great hardship suffered by the Turkish people before the foundation of the Ottoman empire was shown. Ertugrul Ghazi's youngest brother and Osman’s uncles Dundar bey become the acting bey of the Kayi tribe because Ertugrul went to Konya due to some important duty and assigned Dundar as acting bey. There was always hostility between Dundar and Osman, because both were not fond of each other decisions, Dundar thinks Osman is Silly while Osman considers Dundar as weak, who don’t want to fight against cruelty and injustice. Dundar bey’s wife give some important intel about Osman to Mongols and got him caught and Dundar also accepted the offer of sanjak bey which was made by Mongol commander Balgay. This made Osman very angry and after that the hostility between them increases.

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