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Kurulus Osman Episode 17 Trailer Review

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 Trailer Review, Kurulus Osman Episode 17 Trailer English Subtitles | Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitles

March 29, 2020

/ by Youbeeayee

There is a chance of entry of a new character in Kurulus Osman as it is evident from the trailer and that character is most probably from a noble family. According to me that girl we have seen in the trailer is the queen of Constantinople. whom Geyhatu was going to marry. As we know the princes don't want to marry Geyhatu because the Turks intelligence organization "White Beard” gave that information to Osman and gave him the duty to stop this wedding to weaken the relation between Byzantines and Mongol. The major outcome of this marriage is the development of friendly relations between Byzantines and Mongols and because of this the Turk will suffer from great hardship as both Byzantines and Mongols will fight with them together. encounters Mongol soldiers but it is not sure he either faced Balgay or not, but if Mongols attack Osman, there is a possibility that Balgay set an ambush for Osman. Yannis will send Siddique (Formely known as Salvador) to karachaisar Castle to command that castle as he knows that Osman sends Siddique as a spy.

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