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Kurulus Osman Episode 18 Trailer Review

Kurulus Osman Episode18 Trailer English subtitle


New Trailer of Episode 18 of Kurulus Osman has just been released on the official channel of ATV. The new episode will release on upcoming Wednesday.

Kuruluş Osman is the story of a walk from a 400-tent to a world empire established with “divine love”. His name was Ertuğrul Gazi's son OsmanIt was the “love” that guided him in the dark. In the soil irrigated with blood and tears, mowed like a sky crop; He dreamed of a nation that would surpass seven heavens, seven places, mountains and seas.
He took his power not from his sword, but from "love" with justice to bullying; He gave his name "with love" to the greatest empire in history, who resisted freedom of slavery. Revolt against the corrupt order that broke the 72 nations, hope for the silent cry of the oppressed, became the name of the Organization.


From the trailer, it is evident that Osman and Balgay made the Alliance and they march towards Alishar Mansion where Dundar and Alishar are discussing the Osman and Balgay Alliance. Alishar is very worried about the alliance because he knew that If Osman and Balgay formed an alliance, then the apocalypse will break.
Will Osman and Balgay will manage to kill Alishar or Will Geyhatu Army will arrive on time to help Dundar Bey?

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