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Brutality on Muslims Continue in India by Indian Extremist

Indian brutalities,

April 19, 2020

/ by pyro gyro

Indian government led by modi has extended the lockdown due to coronavirus in India till 03 may 2020. The government has blamed indian Muslims for spreading of corona virus in their country. The tableegi jamaat Markaz has been sealed. The head of tableegi jamaat has been arrested and booked.

 The government with its sham media is stubborn to blame Muslims for everything bad thing which happens in India. The recently Delhi riots in which 52 Muslims were brutally killed by RSS goons is the proof of that .

  The corona virus is spreading in India at a rapid pace with 16,116 positive cases with 519 deaths

 The bjp government under the leadership of modi who has been accused of gujrat riots 2002 is not taking the pandemic seriously and has declared countrywide lockdown without taking all precautionary measures

 The labour class was stuck in major cities and were unable to go to their respective home.The government first tell citizens to slap utensils and then candle night vigil to get protection from deadly coronavirus.

The government is unable to control the deadly virus and is continuously blaming Muslims for the spread of virus in their country. Indian authorities has reimposed strict restrictions in indian occupied Kashmir and launched dozens of search operations in various parts of indian occupied Kashmir.

The movement of military in civilian and residential areas is spreading fear among people

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