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India martyred 59 Kashmirs in less than 4 months

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April 24, 2020

/ by Lunar Gaze

India martyred 59 kashmiris in less than 4 months. Indian occupational forces have martyred 59 kashmiris and arrested 100s in less than 4 months in indian occupied kahsmir . India is claiming that the killed persons were allegedly militants. 

 From March indian brutal millitary have lodged 1012 FIR’s and 2023 kashmiri civilians were arrested putting their lives in danger during covid19. 

After 05 august 2019, when indian scrapped the autonomy of the Jammu and Kashmir state and bifurcated into two union territories, indian police have arrested more than 13,000 kashmiri civilians and lodged them in different jails where there condition is very miserable. One old age kashmir detainee also died in Agra jail.
The brutalities continue in indian occupied Kashmir during the outbreak of covid19. Recently 3 kashmiri journalist were booked for unlawful activities for raising voice against the oppression and highhandedness of indian security forces.

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