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Kurulus Osman Episode 17 Review in English

Kurulus Osman Episode 17 English Subtitle.

Will Osman Bey prevent the Mongolian-Byzantine alliance? What plan will Dundar set up against Osman Bey? Will Alişar, with the support of the Mongols, reestablish his authority in the extreme region? What will Balgay do for revenge? What kind of difficulties awaits Mr. Gündüz Bey?

In the start of the episode Osman went to meet Cihan, where in a meeting they talk about the situation of the Islamic world and they believe that Turks will protect the devil’s army with the permission of Allah. Osman then left the meeting in order to go to fulfill his duty given by cihan.

Alisar Bey went to Kayi tribe and meet Gunduz Bey in his tent. Gunduz reminds Alisar Bey about the attack on him and his alps which was conducted by Alisar goons. Alisar warned Gunduz about the furor of Geyhatu but Gunduz said to him that this tribe and post belongs to his father Ertugrul Ghazi and it is not suitable for us to collaborate with Mongols. Bamsi intervene and said that the period of persecution is over, Alişar Bey!

There was a clash of words between the mother and sister of Batur, Aygul asked why she went to Balgay and Zohre hatun get her out of the room in anger.

As I already told you, people, that Abdul Rehman Ghazi will not die. We see him in this episode, but his condition was critical.

Osman along with one of his companions ambush the Roman Princes Adelfa convoy in which he succeeded but when he was trying to talk to the princess one of the Roman soldiers attacked princess with a knife. Meanwhile, commander Balgay made a strategy to ambush and to kill Osman. Sofia uses Siddique as a bait to kill to Osman. Alisar brings Batur dead body in his mansion along with his mother and sister where they meet Dundar Bey. Dundar bey vows to take revenge from Osman for killing his son Batur. They buried Batur and Dundar said "“Let us bury our funeral as soon as possible, but I will bury my pain in the ground with my son, but my anger is my leash dog. He will travel with me in every step I take! From now on they will see a completely different Dundar, and I will crush them all like insects"
Zohre Hatun tried to Flare the fire by saying that “Dundar Bey, son of Suleyman Shah! Look who's at a son's funeral with you? How many people are there? It is not only your child from the soil. Osman buried your reputation in this land". Alisar Bey tried to provoke Dundar Bey against the Osman Bey but on the other Osman was on the mission to stop the marriage between Geyhatu and roman princess. Balgay Ambush Roman Princess and in return ambushes Osman, Osman got caught but they save the princess from the Balgay. Princess was thinking about doing suicide but he was saved by the Turks whom she used to hate.

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