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Netflix: Top 10 Trending Movies in Pakistan

Netflix: Top 10 Trending Movies in Pakistan
Almost the whole world is under lockdown, offices are closed and people are stuck in their houses. When there is nothing to do people usually watch movies and seasons, and the best place to watch movies and season is Netflix. Here are the top 10 trending Movies/Seasons in Pakistan Today.

1. Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is an English reality TV dating show. It is an original Netflix Series Show, consisting of eight episodes which were all released on 17th April. The purpose of the show is to developed true feeling among them and if any one of them engage in sexual activities the prize money decreases.

2. Money Heist

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama series. It is also an original Netflix series. The series was shot in Madrid and some parts were filmed in Panama, Thailand and Italy. The story is about a heist led by the Professor and his Team first one on the royal mint of Spain and the second one on the Bank of Spain. Bella Ciao was also sung in this series.

3. Hansmukh

Hansmukh is an Indian comedy web TV series. This movie is revolving around the life of a Small-town comedian who was also a serial killer.

4. Resurrection Ertugrul:

Resurrection Ertugrul is a Turkish historical adventurous series based on the life of the Ertugrul Ghazi. The hardship faced by Turks in the Pre Ottoman era.

5. Fast & Furious 7

Furious 7 is an American action film. It is the sequel to the fast and furious 6. This movie is also very important because the lead actor of this died before the movie completed in a car crash.

6. Elite

Elite is a Spanish thriller teen web TV series. It is an original Netflix series. This series revolves around the relationship between three working-class teens who enrolled in college on a scholarship and their rich classmates.

7. Miracle in Cell No 7

It is a South Korean comedy-drama film, based on the mentally challenged man who was wrongly accused of murder and was imprisoned. Ther he built relations with the deadliest criminal, who help him to smuggle his daughter into the prison to meet him.

8. Friends

Friends is an American 2004 sitcom TV series. The series is revolving around the 6 friends who live in New York. The series has a total of 10 Seasons.

9. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama web TV series. this revolves around the life of underemployed, depressed chemistry teacher who struggles against mid-life crisis and diagnosed with stage three Lung cancer.

10. The Meg

The Meg is a Sci-fi action novel based movie. The series revolves around the scientist on a rescue mission in the pacific ocean encounters a 75 foot long Shark.

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