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Women Gang Raped In Isolation Ward In India

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The society we all are a part of, men are often considered superior to women and women being less confident aren't given the respect they deserve and become a victim of the brutality of men. India where such cases are observed daily, many women and children are humiliated and sexually abused. 

Another heart-pounding incident took place in Bihar, the city of India, where a pregnant lady was gang-raped by the hospital staff and died. The 25 years old woman was two months pregnant and came from Ludhiana on 25th March along with her husband to see her in-laws in Bihar Gaya. she encountered a miscarriage on her way.

 When she reached Gaya due to excessive bleeding she was taken to Anuragh Narain Magadh medical college and was admitted as a suspect of COVID 19. She was kept in the isolation center for two days and was molested brutally for two consecutive nights by the staff of the medical college. When the results of the test were found negative she was discharged from the hospital but was very fearful ad unresponsive. 

At last, the victim told her mother in law that how she was sexually harassed by the staff of the hospital. She breathed her last on 6th April 2020. This incident is narrated to police and a case is filed against the hospital. One of the rapists named shiv shankar is arrested and he admitted the crime. To eradicate this brutality from the society women should raise their voices against those brutal animals to get justice.
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  1. I have read your post carefully and i appreciate you to share True story about this incident.


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