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COVID-19: The Creation of a New World

Among the 10 priorities set by the Chinese president, the Silk Road Economic Belt is eighth and the Maritime Silk Road is ninth. The first is the ruling party and the second is national unity.
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Among the 10 priorities set by the Chinese president, the Silk Road Economic Belt is eighth and the Maritime Silk Road is ninth. The first is the ruling party and the second is national unity.Third, the expansion of the economy. If things do not get better quickly, the TobelTrood project will not be a priority for long. The position of the Chinese Communist Party has not been more enviable for two years and the turmoil also created problems.Taiwan's election is also a pain in the ass and now the world is in crisis!
It is not that the Belt and Road project has died down. Such an understanding would be tantamount to stupidity. Yes, confusion has increased in this regard. This project is a matter of recognition for China as a world power. It is a manifestation of China's power.
If it had been so, it would not have been part of the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party. China claims that the Belt and Road project will not be much affected. 
Now we are talking about the Health Silk Road. Mask diplomacy is also a hoax.The Chinese leadership estimates that there is suspicion around the world and that it is being spread further, but the Belt and Road project is in jeopardy.    Work on connected sub-projects has also slowed down. Several projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal are moving forward at a slow pace.   

No matter what the Chinese leadership says, the Belt and Road project will have to make a lot of changes now. The plan could change drastically.    A few changes are still necessary due to the circumstances. The Belt and Road project was slightly modified before the outbreak of the Kronaki epidemic. A major problem is that the official definition of the project has not yet been determined.
With regard to the Belt and Road project, China has made bilateral arrangements. Matters have been settled separately with each country. Seven years have passed since the launch of this project but its framework has not been implemented yet. Complaints of disregard for international standards are also common.    

Various controversies have also arisen. The plan has provoked strong reactions in many countries. In April 2019, the Chinese president said in the Second Belt and Road Forum that some issues need to be reconsidered and some changes are not out of the question.
The Belt and Road project was launched in 2013. At that time, China's growth rate was 8%. The cost was later revised to 4 4,000 billion. In 2018, Morgan Stanley estimates that the project will cost a maximum of 13 1.3 trillion by 2027. Two-thirds of China's investment is in the energy sector. 50 50 billion has been spent on transportation. There is currently a shortage of cash in the developing world.    

The Chinese leadership is not in a position to send large sums of money abroad. There are railway projects, highway ton away projects in Montenegro and many other projects that cannot be funded much. 
 Now China has to be very careful.    He will have to go through the selection process again.    You have to decide where and how much to spend. Many projects have to be removed from the list of priorities.
China wants to set up a Global Network of Economic Corridors. Logistics zones are to be set up.    The Suez Canal Economic Zone and the Hambantota Port of Sri Lanka are the clearest examples of this. China is also preparing to set up an industrial city in Oman. 
The Belt and Road project will somehow survive.    For now, China will have to change its priorities. Internal stability is also essential. For China, this project is a great way to express soft power.    

China will now have to show a little bit of aggression even at the military level. The world does not have to accept the revised plan easily. Conflict is possible, conflicts will arise.   

The world's confidence in the United States has waned and Europe cannot be relied on much, but there is a lack of trust in China.    The Corona Crisis has created an atmosphere of caution around the world. The epidemic has terrified people. In such a scenario, it is only natural that the BRI should be affected.    
No one knows that as soon as the world is freed from the grip of the Coronavirus, there will be a different business world from today's world, and it is quite possible that instead of learning from Corona, we will be exposed to a fierce new war and for the first time the world powers get the support of countries, As a result, many countries have had to change their agendas to change their borders, and many new states have emerged on the world map.

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