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How do foreign languages ​​or scripts destroy a nation?

After the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey, Kamal Ataturk laid the foundation of a new democracy, and Islam was the first to be wielded. For th
After the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate in Turkey, Kamal Ataturk laid the foundation of a new democracy, and Islam was the first to be wielded. For the first time in their language, the Turkish script has been changed and Muslims have been deprived of the Qur'an, Hadith, and their historical heritage. It was done only to please the West. Even Prime Minister Adnan Mendis was hanged when he allowed the call to prayer at the behest of the people. After a 70-year hiatus, Erdogan's party began reforms as soon as it arrived, and the sanctions were gradually lifted. 

The language changes were very complicated because many new letters were added which seemed to have a different pronunciation but very different pronunciation. We know that many words in Urdu were taken from Turkish. You see Turkish written on the streets, in shops, in the office or in any other place, and a little consideration shows that we use these words in Urdu as well, and in a few days you have the words. Becomes a good vocabulary, these words would be easier if they were in the original script, the Turkish language is very simple but it takes hard work to read. 

Now the new generation has forgotten its script and it will take the same amount of time to bring it back. Thousands of mosques are being restored in Turkey at the moment, the organization of madrassas is on modern lines and the appointment of highly educated scholars, schools and The lifting of restrictions on hijab in higher education institutions is proof that in a nation where Allah has created a leader, it does not take long to return.

We are still weeping over the fact that our representatives, politicians still do not like to take oath in their own language, nor are the decisions in the courts written in Urdu, the people are already illiterate and suffering from problems. So even a court decision has to be understood by paying a fee to the lawyer.

Why imposing Hindi on all is as bad an idea as insisting that ...

For the last fifteen to twenty years the present government has been making every effort to somehow restore its greatness, a nation that has been kept away from its language and civilization for seventy years, you can guess that How much time will it take.

God forbid such a time comes in Pakistan, but the way English is being dominated and the way education is being traded in the name of English education and the way these institutions have created distance from atheism education and religion The time is coming soon when these same people will be imposed in every institution of yours. The children who study in government institutions are rejected as useless, so the education system in Urdu and It takes time to be consistent.

Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Urdu-Pakistan is doing its best. I pray to Allah that the rulers and the people come out of this feeling of inferiority and give this language the rights that the constitution of this country gives.

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