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How to treat COVID at HOME?

This Article is for COVID + folks who avoid hospitals due to cost/trust/capacity issues.

June 14, 2020

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How to treat COVID at HOME?

This Article is for COVID + folks who avoid hospitals due to cost/trust/capacity issues.

What to take, what to avoid, when to worry, when not to, protecting family, etc.

This is general advice; for personal treatment, Qs ask your doctor

Let’s start
  • Use a separate room/bathroom/utensils etc for 14 d

  • If only one room, divide it with a thick curtain/screen and stay behind it

  • If only one bathroom, wear a face mask before going and wipe all surfaces as best after using toilet

  • Don’t use steam/nebulizer in shared room

Home Medications:
  • Most cases only need paracetamol/ibuprofen - whatever works for you. NO NEED for antibiotics. Record daily temp/breathing rate/pulse/BP if possible

  • Sleep well. Eat well. Do whatever gives you peace of mind/reduce anxiety

  • Recovery may take 2-3 weeks

What not to do:
  • Actemra/plasma/remdesivir are all experimental. Don’t waste your time/money trying to get them

  • Herbs, sanna makki, zinc etc. are not even being studied. Avoid

  • We don’t use zithromax/HCQ/ivermectin/vitamins for COVID patients

  • LESS is MORE. Believe it

  • Always wear a face mask around others

  • Most smartphones have a “pulse oximetry app”. Use it. If pulse ox stays below 90 or BP falls below 90 systolic go to hospital/ask your doctor

  • Patients over 60-65, with high BP, obesity, diabetes etc are at risk. Be safe

Duration of illness:
  • Recovery may take 2-3 weeks. Remember: If you’re not getting worse, you’re getting better

  • No need to get a repeat COVID test. Repeating labs tests/CAT scans may not always change outcome

  • Know that 80-90% patients may recover at home if managed right

  • If symptoms worsen, immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital

  • Protect family members by staying away from them. Don’t lose hope or give in.

  • Have faith. Have patience

  • Don’t think it’s a punishment from God

  • Remember in most cases mortality is ~1%

Declaring victory:
  • End isolation after 14-days of symptom onset AND 3 days of no symptoms (without meds)

  • Donate plasma

  • Rejoice! You’ve crossed the bridge and are likely immune. We’re unclear about the duration of immunity

  • Remember the ordeal. Stay God-fearing/kind/loving

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