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Interview regarding education system of Pakistan with Daniyal Kazmi.

Higher Educational system of Pakistan

June 22, 2020

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Title : Higher Educational system  of Pakistan

 Interview regarding education system of Pakistan with Daniyal Kazmi.
In the wake of recent development across the globe, Pakistan has also been severely impacted by the prevailing pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) from microeconomics to small scale businesses every sector has been adversely effected.
Educational system is also unfortunately one of the most adversely affected sector in Pakistan.

Pakistan educational system has been axiomatically  exposed in the wake of this recent development from the online class fiasco to unjustified University fees.

The masses of Pakistan is now asking some poignant questions about our higher educational system. Today our interview with the social entrepreneur educationist

Danial Kazmi principal partner Prologic group. We seek to obtain some relevant answers and we shall expire to extrapolate effective remedies to address the shortcomings of our higher educational system.
Danial Kazmi, principal partner Prologic group.

Assalamu Alaikum sir, how are you?
walaikum assalam Alhamdulillah I am fine

Q1: What are your brief views about our higher educational system?

Ans: Pakistan comprises of a young population that is vibrant, talented versatile, diverse, and enthusiastic.

However unfortunately our higher educational system seems to be bureaucratic, traditional, and lacks focus on research practical industry know-how and outdated curricula.
There is a lot of room for improvement.

Q2: Being someone who has studied in one of the top business school in the world, how do you compare the top-ranking western universities
With that Pakistani university?

Ans: one of the most striking differences between the two is our universities have too little focus on research and students original academic writing. Moreover, our curriculum is outdated it lacks the industry exposure and our students predominantly graduate with bookish knowledge with little or no pertinent industry skills.

Q3: What are the biggest  five issues that need immediate addressing?

1: lack of academic research
2: out dates curriculum
3: expensive  fees packages
4: lack of a robust  online educational  system
5: student development as per industrial needs.

Q4: based on your experience what are the problems you as an employer observer in our the graduates you higher?

Ans: our graduates are very enthusiastic about doing well in a job. However, our universities failed to prepare them for their transaction for being a student to a professional. They have sound theoretical knowledge but very limited industry exposure. Employers have to retrain them though expensive induction training programs for them to be able to perform their jobs which should be the task of universities.

Q5: What are your views  about online classes and virtual  educational system?

Ans: the future  of the world is tilted towards  virtual systems the need of physical  presence and traditional  settings will be one day an out dates concept. Our educational  system have badly failed  in catering our students online tuition  need.

Q6: In your view what caused  the online educational  set up to fail for the majority  of the students?

Ans: our educational  institutions never really prepared  to shift the major tuition  process  form traditional  classrooms to virtual classes not only were most of our students ill-prepared  for online tutions but our educational  institutions  were also not prepared with a sound online setup. This posits a lack of vision on our educational  institutions part.

Q7: What needs to be done on an immediate basis?

Ans: our ministry  of education must bring in fresh talented  blood to transform  our education ministry in ordered to achieve the following
1: update of curriculum in accordance with the industry needs.
2: a shift of focus from purely  theoretical  knowledge  to practical hands-on know-how.
3: lucrative funds for institutions to develop sound online setups as alternative system.
4: revaluation  of student’s  fees  to insure students from depraved  backgrounds  are  provided with quality  education as well.
5: global integration  with westerns universities  should be made compulsory  for our institutions  to improve  our research and quality  if education.

Q8: what do you mean by quality  education?

Ans: quality  education provides  a student with not only updated theoretical  knowledge  but also exposes the students to the necessary industry knowledge  to help them to only in securing a job but also performing  well in it.
Quality  education prepares a student for the real world.

Q9:  Are you satisfied  with the measures taken by our government and educational institutions during this pandemic?

Ans: although our government  and our educational  institutions have taken the necessary  measures  but they seem to be taken with ill preparation. The semester  students are being charged  cannot be justified especially when classes are being conducted  online and that too with problematic online setup.
A lack of preparation and policy are evident.

Q10: What are your suggestion  and advice to our students?

Ans: our students shouldn’t solely rely on the capacities and capabilities of our educational institutions alone. Today we are fortunate to live in the age of information.
Student must learn to find their direction  set high goals and strive to learn and excel.

Thank you for your time, sir.

Conclusion: in this interview  not only we learned the dilemmas of our higher  education systems but also discussed how the situation  can be improved  on the state level, institutional level and on part of the students.
It was a learning  and enlightening  process  that as help understand our educational  system its shortfalls and how it can be made better. I as a student feel responsible and empowered to do my part.

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