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“May Day and all the chosen ones” -A silent tribute to martyrs of PK 8303.

June 07, 2020

/ by pyro gyro
“May Day and all the chosen ones” -A silent tribute to martyrs of PK 8303.

A flashback to all her past journeys, from traveling with family and traveling alone, She always used to notice those “winglets”, always gave her that wild and strong notion similar to fins of sharks, that was the biggest fascination for her, every time, from a five-year-old girl when she first traveled in-plane, that killing excitement damn till date ; 
she always had it in back of her mind, this strongly build idea, “power of winglets “that by fighting through clouds and winds from the atrocities of nature they make loved ones be together, letting passengers reach their booked destinations, but, but, a couple of days before, it seemed to her the world of her imaginations shaking when she got to know passengers of PK 8303 not reaching there booked destinations, ‘MAYDAY’, hearts bleed and her powerful imagined winglets stayed silent, they could not help it anyway, hearing this news everything was silenced around her mind started to complain “winglets” that, ‘you always were so strong fighting thunders and lightning’ what happened today? ahh, ‘you let a lot of hearts break, 
Do you imagine the pain?’, this silent conversation was going in her head all the thoughts bumping into each other a strange fight of fascinations and reality. Further on news channels started to report about the number of survived passengers, the serene environment of her journeys, joy to travel, and flashed back her mind. 
Voice of inner reached her ears warmly “they all embraced martyrdom”; (sigh), “they were blessed”, “it was Ramadan”, “it was Friday”, in an instance she understood what her heart said, had a notion of deep relief, all those complaints vanished because all she ever dreamt was of such beautiful “goodbye” to life. Personally, life gave her few chances to know ones who reached the rank of being called “shaheed”, they were for sure Chosen, Chosen by Allah Almighty. 
With the number of counts of passengers increasing who reached their eternal destiny a name crossed her eye “Lt. Balach”, People started sharing pictures of loved ones, she read a post titled, Last WhatsApp status of Lt.Balach, it was written “ MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME TO DEDICATE MY LIFE AND EXISTENCE TO THIS NATION” made eyes teary for a moment but it was a relief from all the haunting thoughts, her winglets were Powerful, so powerful, they lead those chosen ones to flight towards the highest ranks in Jannah. 
Out of such a heartbreak country received, sadness and grief the chandelier of hope appears again, her imaginations did not break, and winglets still were her most pleasing fascination and a satisfaction towards a fact “All of them were chosen”.
God eases our ways.
Author: Ayesha Batool 

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