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Now after China and Nepal Bhutan also turned a blind eye to India

Amid rising tensions and border tensions with neighboring China and Nepal, India's other neighbor Bhutan is now turning a blind eye to New Delhi.
Now after China and Nepal Bhutan also turned a blind eye to India

Bhutan has cut off water from the Kala Nidi, an aqueduct for farmers, in a village in India's northeastern state of Assam. This new development comes at a time when India is already embroiled in a border dispute with China and Nepal and efforts are underway at various levels to resolve the issue.

Withdrawal of water has endangered the livelihood of thousands of farmers in India. Farmers have blocked the national highway and are protesting, demanding that the canal flowing from the Kala River be reopened. Protesters are also urging the New Delhi government to hold immediate talks with Bhutan to resolve the issue.

Bhutan's Kala Nidi is a lifeline for farmers in Assam's border district of Buxa. Farmers from 26 villages in the district irrigate their crops with the canal flowing from this river. Under a 1953 agreement, local farmers irrigated their paddy crops with water from the Kala River. But a sudden blockage of the canal by the Bhutanese government has put more than 6,000 farmers in the area in trouble. Farmers say, “As usual, we started planting trees in our paddy fields this year, but suddenly it became clear that Bhutan had stopped the flow of water through the canal. It will cause us a lot of trouble. "

Before the start of the sowing season each year, Indian farmers would cross the border into Bhutan's Samadrup Jokhar district to clean the canal and repair the dam so that the flow of water would not be disrupted. But this time when they went to clean the canal, the Bhutanese authorities stopped them.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, Nepal had also stopped India from repairing a dam on the Lal Bakiya river in the eastern Champaran district of the Indian state of Bihar, which borders India.

As the water from Nepal's rivers wreaks havoc on this area of ​​southern Bihar every year on rainy days, the dam needs to be repaired every year. This time too, when the Indian authorities went to repair the dam, the Nepalese authorities stopped them from doing so, saying that the dam is located in the territory of Nepal and the area up to 500 meters from the dam is part of Nepal. One person was killed and three others were injured in a clash between Nepali security forces and Indian nationals on the Indo-Nepal border in recent days.

Bhutan, located at about 38,000 square kilometers, is the second smallest country in South Asia after the Maldives. 

India has been assisting it in matters such as development, education, foreign policy, and security. Political analysts say Bhutan's decision to cut off the water may have been inspired by Nepal.

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