I know you are familiar with this word happiness. Actually, what is happiness? If someone asks you, what will be your response? A research was conducted through WhatsApp status and found that happiness is what your heart says, to achieve something, en you see your Mother happy,

I know you are familiar with this word happiness. Actually, what is happiness? If someone asks you, what will be your response? A research was conducted through WhatsApp status and found that happiness is what your heart says, to achieve something, en you see your Mother happy, someone does your work, tension-free life, when we do any work successfully then the feeling of that moment, the satisfaction and that feeling of happiness. Such kind of responses received. Happiness directly related to expectations. Whatever we expect is fulfilled. We feel happy.

Most people said that happiness is to achieve something. We have connected the happiness with the worldly things if we get something we will be happy if we don't get something we will be sad we will be angry. We don’t know what happiness is for this purpose we need to understand the word happiness actually what does it mean? Then we will be able to understand the real meaning of happiness. Everybody wants to be happy but how these needs to be understood.

There are two types of happiness. Temporary happiness and Permanent happiness. Temporary happiness is when you achieve something you will be happy for some particular time and Permanent happiness is when your soul is happy.

We always run behind the worldly things and we have connected our happiness with it and when we unable to get those we feel sad. We need to understand what real happiness is for this we will discuss some key points and I hope you will at the end know the secret of how to get real happiness by eliminating the bad aspects of your life.

· The dilemma of our society is they do not have patience they want everything to be done quickly. They do not wait. When that thing or task is not done quickly they feel anxiety, tension, and try to fight. Without patience, we worry, complain, and often start losing hope. Rome was not built in a day. When you do something either any kind of task tries to be calm, wait and patience is the key to success. There are two types of patience. One is positive and the second one is negative. Negative patience is a sort of laziness. We wait for the miracle to happen to do our work. Positive patience is active and creative.

· Simplify your life to make happiness in your life. To enjoy peace of mind, you need to learn how much is enough. Do not allow your stuff to own you. When you run behind the stuff you will lose happiness from your life. You will do a job, extra job and you will chance of losing your health in catching materialistic stuff that is not your need. We, humans, are hungry for more without understanding how much is enough? He said we need to know how much enough, what is our daily base need is. There is a difference between need and wish. If you go behind wish you will lose happiness. Simplify your life doesn’t mean you leave everything of this world and go into the forest it means getting rid of the things that complicate and upset your life.

· Build your character. Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow. Reputation is what others think of you. Reputation can be different in the eye of different people. But character is your view how do you think of yourself. So character is very valuable to your happiness. Your character makes you strong. Character is the foundation of your building. If you are happy with your character than you may be able to enjoy your life. Do not think what people will say about you until and unless you believe in yourself. Character cannot be purchased, bargained, inherited, rented, or imported. It must be homegrown.

· Habit is a key to success and happiness. Being unhappy is a habit, being lazy is a habit, being angry is a habit, being depressed is a habit, likewise being happy is also a habit. You need to focus on cultivating good habits and improving yourself constantly. It takes to develop or leave a habit. Try to develop good habits that make your life happy and give you success in your life. It is difficult to leave one bad habit try not to leave it quick, but slowly and gradually replace it with a good one.

 · Understand your mood is one of the key aspects for happiness. You are in a great mood and then your child spills the milk he is drinking. You really do not bother and often overlook the event as natural. If you are in a bad mood you may react to the spilling of milk, isn’t it? The spilled milk is not the cause the cause is your mood. Negative moods not only cause uneasiness or unhappiness to the person himself but also affect his family, friend and colleagues.

· Overcome loneliness, now a day’s life is very fast and busy. People do not have time for others. That makes people lonely. Lonely is a negative state of mind that hurt people and make their life unhappy. The person feels that something is missing and that makes him sad. On the other hand, solitude is a blessing. Solitude is a state of being alone without being lonely. Try to love your company and give yourself some time of solitude. Solitude is a time that can be used for reflection and inner searching of our true self. Try to overcome loneliness and do not allow any space in your life.

· Boredom comes from a bored mind. When you do not have to do anything you will fell bore. Why as a child you could never get bored. You are new to this world and much more to explore. Your brain constantly got new experiences this kept creative and full of energy. When you go old you will trap in the burden of responsibility and you do not have time to explore and that makes your mind bore with the same old routine. If you have no goal then automatically laziness and boredom will come and make your life unhappy. Try to do what excite you. Either it is small work or big does it. Try to engage yourself in some sort of activity either that activity is small goals or big goals. If you will busy yourself then you will be able to get away from boredom and automatically no sadness and you will feel happy. So try to make yourself busy.

· Two men look through the same bars; one sees the mud and one the stars. Frederick Langbridge. It is your choice how you live your life. You have control of your life. Every situation in life has two sides it is up to you which side do you want to go. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Confucius. You can curse the darkness or enjoy the stars. Try to change your perception in a good way. Always think positive side of the aspect. If you always think about the negative aspect of anything then you will not be able to make yourself happy. As happiness is to see the positive aspect of anything and this will help to gain happiness.

· We want to be perfect in life. We run behind it and we destroyed our happiness. Nobody is perfect, there is something missing always. So live your life whatever you have, try to feel proud on whatever you have and live your life with happiness. If you run behind perfectionism then you will always think like that something is missing and you will always get depressed and make your life unhappy. So what you have achieved try to be proud on it. If everyone is perfect then how we can be able to live in this world. Thank God it is an imperfect world. We can’t try to change or improve ourselves and we have to work on it but we cannot be able to perfect. Try to enjoy this moment and what you have achieved. That makes you happy. Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world, Robert Hillyer.

· If you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything, Mark Twain. Form our childhood we are listening this honesty is the best policy. Try to be honest; if you do something dishonest with someone then you will get the same. Make yourself an honest man and then you may be sure there is one rascal less in the world. Try to be honest with yourself first then with others. If you are honest with yourself you do not need to be honest with other. Try to be honest and tell the devil you are a devil.

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