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Surrey Palace belonged to Benazir Bhutto, Why are you ninety-nine percent sure?

Surrey Palace belonged to Benazir Bhutto, Why are you ninety-nine percent sure?

You may not know that the case of ownership of Surrey Palace lasted for 17 years in a Pakistani court and finally, the court ruled that Benazir Bhutto had nothing to do with the ownership of Surrey Palace. To this day, it has not come to light about this 30-year-old story that the Zardari family never went to Surrey Palace and spent the night, so why did they take the palace?

Benazir Bhutto, President Zardari, and her children do not want to spend the night in Surrey Palace. When they go to London, they stay in hotels. Surrey Palace is what they love. 

The A1 Flats campaign was launched against Nawaz Sharif on the same days when the city was in turmoil. Nawaz Sharif's daughter said that I do not have a single rupee property in London or even in Pakistan. But they are living in flats with shame and arrogance. And they have been punished on the basis of their property. Explain why Asif Ali Zardari was not punished by Pervez Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif during his imprisonment.

People do not know why Nawaz Sharif recognized the ownership of Avonfield Flats. The reason was that after 2006 the permission to have anonymous property in the UK was revoked. So Nawaz Sharif was forced to transfer the ownership of Avon Flats to his own name. Now, this is the law of Asif Ali Zardari and It is also for Benazir Bhutto. If Surrey Palace was their property, they would also be bound and forced to make their own names.

The case of ownership of Surrey Palace continued in the court for 17 years. The most biased judges who go crazy when they hear the name of Benazir Bhutto or Asif Ali Zardari. He died trying to bow his head to Asif Ali Zardari, retired and perished. But Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir Bhutto owned Surrey Palace Could not find any relationship to.

The fact is that Surrey Palace was owned by a Pakistani Javed Pasha. Javed Pasha is the man who launched Mobilink Company in Pakistan. Javed Pasha was a huge investor and Benazir Bhutto invested him in info technology.

He was invited to Pakistan to invest. Benazir Bhutto sent some gifts to her house by courier from Pakistan. And often Benazir Bhutto would talk to him on the phone.

Altogether, these two documents were presented in court by the prosecution, namely Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, NAB, and Pervez Musharraf, regarding the ownership of Surrey Palace.

One was a courier receipt proving that Benazir Bhutto had sent some gifts to the house. Benazir Bhutto calls at the other end of the record to make calls from the Prime Minister's Office. Based on these documents, a trial was held for 17 years.

Benazir Bhutto or Asif Ali Zardari were never seen going there. In thirty years, neither Benazir Bhutto nor Asif Ali Zardari or their children have ever lived there. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The courts did not acquit Asif Ali Zardari on the ground of suspicion but ruled that all the charges against him were false.

Nawaz Sharif said that he made false cases and launched a campaign of false character assassination. Despite this, in the world of prejudice, jealousy and hatred towards Bhutto, some people go so mad that they seek refuge in God.

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