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Any virtual fight started as a politically motivated attack on an enemy's computer and information systems is known as cyberwarfare. These attacks, which are carried out over the Internet, cripple financial and organizational systems by stealing or modifying classified data in order to destabilize networks, websites, and services.


The following attack methods are used in cyberwarfare:

  • Sabotage: The interruption of routine operations and equipment, such as communications, fuel, electricity, and transportation infrastructures, is a threat to military and financial computer systems.
  • Espionage and/or security breaches: These methods of unlawful exploitation are used to impair networks, software, computers, or the Internet in order to steal or obtain classified information from top organizations.

Russia and China are among the countries developing cyber weapons for use in future conflicts. The United States, France, and Israel are among the countries that are equally engaged. This is not to claim that these countries are employing these capabilities, despite the fact that we know they have them and have used them in the past.

Simply described, cyberwarfare refers to all acts and processes aimed at attacking a country in order to inflict harm comparable to traditional warfare. There is a fierce discussion about the existence and meaning of cyberwarfare, much like there is about cyber terrorism.

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