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The Importance of Media Literacy

Media Literacy is the ability to identify, understand or dissect the content which they are delivering to us like games, movies and tv shows, etc.

To be literate - means the ability to overall develop an ability to point out or make sense of what's being delivered to us.


When we see an image or read a magazine, what is it that clicks our mind? We all have a sense of what we see which is based on our judgment. Past experiences, and sometimes we base it on our experience.

Can Fake News Impact us?

In the field of media, it has both negative and positive aspects to it just like any other field. As news itself has influenced us for generations, false news in this digital world can impact us heavily. Social media platforms play a major role in this, especially in spreading fake news. False news can be as simple as spreading false information or can even be as dangerous as mocking hate-speech.

Our Responsibility

With a greater discovery, comes a great burden. In this age, we all have some kind of social media platform we use, and we do have our own way of communicating things on those social media platforms. Issues going on in society are widely discussed in the media. 


Learning how media transmits its messages directly to communicate with us is how we can produce our own content. Some of the most prominent people in media know how to do this that is the reason why they are successful at it in the first place. Directors, they watch movies. Authors, they read books. Designers, they analyze advertisements. We have to understand what makes others successful then we have to decide.

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