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Food Industries Advertisement Strategy Through Media - Nestlé

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May 04, 2021

Food Brands Advertisement

Children and teenagers have been a significant market force in the food and beverages industry in the entire world. As a result, children and teenagers are now the focus of intensive and targeted food promotion and advertisement campaigns. Because of their buying power, food marketers are interested in youth as consumers. Food marketers work with perishable goods that can cater to as wide or as small a market as they want. Food companies that cater to consumers are in a unique position to take advantage of digital media. The key to making a successful social media advertisement is to send a message that encourages people to share it. Food items are almost always at the top of people's lists of items which they want to chat about and share. Marketers can interact with various markets in different ways by using the right types of advertising channels. For example, social media allows consumers to engage in conversation, while television broadcasting only allows one-way communication.

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