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YouTuber Sends Dogecoin to Space on Weather Balloon as Tribute to Elon Musk


July 01, 2021

YouTuber Sends Dogecoin to Space on Weather Balloon as Tribute to Elon Musk

While many people are waiting for Elon Musk — who has repeatedly put his weight behind Dogecoin on social media — to send the meme currency to the Moon, a US-based YouTuber has actually tried to do something of that sort. On the tech billionaire's 50th birthday on June 28, Reid Williamson sent an actual Dogecoin to space with a weather balloon. Williamson posted a video titled, “I sent a literal Dogecoin to space” on his YouTube channel that showed him and his friends preparing to achieve the challenging feat.

The video showed Williamson and his friends first identifying the launchpad. Once they zeroed in on an open green field, they began setting up the balloon system and tying up the cryptocurrency payload to it. After a few attempts that went south, the team finally managed to get a successful launch. A camera attached to the payload showed the bird's-eye view of Earth as the Dogecoin escaped far away from it. Later, the weather balloon returned to Earth and landed a few miles from the site it was launched from.


 Separately, Williamson also shared the news on his Twitter account.

Indian Celebrities saddened over the death of Indian Superstar Irfan Khan

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April 29, 2020

Bollywood Star Irfan Khan death left Indian actors in grieving the loss of a legend.

Twitter explodes after hearing the news of Irrfan Khan Death. Indian film and TV Star mourned and pay tribute to the departed soul.

Shilpa Shetty took to Twitter and wrote.
I’m numb today... I haven’t been able to accept the loss of a brilliant co-actor & a fabulous person that  @irrfank  was! We’ve lost a gem today... but his legacy will live on through the phenomenal body of work that he has left behind. Rest in peace, Irrfan!🙏🏻🙏🏻
Bollywood Living Legend Amitabh Bachan Wrote on Twitter
"T 3516 - .. just getting news of the passing of Irfaan Khan .. this is a most disturbing and sad news .. An incredible talent .. a gracious colleague .. a prolific contributor to the World of Cinema .. left us too soon .. creating a huge vacuum ..  Prayers and days."

Junior Bachan "Abhishek Bachan Wrote on Twitter
"Very sad to hear of Irrfan's passing. An immense talent! An actor for whom I had great admiration. My condolences to the family. Rest in Glory!"

Madhuri Dixit also pays her Condolences on the sad demise of one of the finest actors in the Bollywood Industry. She wrote on Twitter
"Saddened to hear the news about Irrfan Khan. One of the finest actors with a heart of gold. My deepest condolences to his family during this tough time."

Apart from these, many other actors are saddened over the death of the superstars. Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Parineeti Chopra and so many others also pay tribute to the Deceased Soul.

Coronavirus: What sporting events are affected by the pandemic?

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April 22, 2020

Coronavirus impacting sports world | WNCT

Now a days world is suffering from a pandemic caused by the Corona Virus. Due to the spread of Corona Virus the world is going through tough times. Corona Virus has affected people from different parts of field. The Economy of the countries suffering from this pandemic. Even the Sports Faction is effected because of the Corona Virus. Different Sports leagues have been delayed. All sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis E.T.C have been stopped all over the world.

All National and International Cricket Leagues have been delayed due to this pandemic. PSL (Pakistan Super League) which was going on in Pakistan has been delayed. At first they tried to carry on the league without the crowd but the condition got serious and they stopped the league. No more info is yet available about the continuation of the league. All the other Sports are facing the same problems as the cricket. Everyone tried to continue their league without any crowd in the stadium but then the condition got serious so they all decided to stop the league for now. If the situation is the same then sadly they will have to delay the ICC 20-20 World Cup.

All the Main Football leagues that were ongoing are delayed. Football fans all over the world are sad because of the leagues getting delayed. Uefa Champions League is the World's Biggest Club Football league and it has been delayed due to this pandemic and its a sad news for the football fans all over the world. Premier League,Bundesliga, la Liga, and all other big leagues have also been delayed due to this pandemic.

The rest of the sports like tennis, Badminton, Hockey, basketball, and others have also been affected by this pandemic.Let us hope that this Pandemic will soon be over and all the Sports leagues will be started again.

Former Barcelona Superstar's Mother is Dating a 22 Year Old Gamer

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April 12, 2020

Former Barcelona and current PSG striker and Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. mother is dating a 22-year-old Lad.

It was previously reported that Neymar’s mother and father marriage was not okay, and they split with each other.

Futbolbible informed that Neymar's mother is now dating a 22 years old lad after splitting with her husband, which means that Neymar stepdad is 6 years younger than him.

This controversy started when Neymar's mother posted a picture with that guy on Instagram with the caption 

“The inexplicable is not explained, if you live… ❤”
and Neymar replied with “Be Happy mommy ❤ love you.

A post shared by Nadine Gonçalves (@nadine.goncalves) on

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